January 14, 2019

February Is Approaching

Most of the year 2018 escaped me as far as producing artwork.  I've been at a stalemate.  Bird-watching in my own backyard consumes most of my free time because it relaxes me.  My job has become stressful much more than I imagined it could be and more than I imagined I could handle mentally.  I'm pressing on at work but I pause often to think about whether I am satisfied doing what i do or whether I should leave it all behind and start a new life away from 33 years of what I know, what I'm comfortable with professionally, and what I've become secure in.  

January 22, 2018

December 19, 2017

Siletz Bay Wildlife Refuge

On one of our Oregon travel days this year we came upon this refuge on the central Oregon coast, in Lincoln County, Lincoln city.  It was absolutely stunning.  The cloud mist made the scenery all the more magical like gazing into a fairy tale globe.  I stopped to watch for birds.  Canada Geese were abundant and honking during landings.  Great Blue Herons made routine short flights in between trees.

 Buffleheads were swimming by and diving for fish. Coots and a Merganser pair were passing by each other.  I long to be back at this spot which is actually a parking lot at the side of the road.  No one there but me and my husband.  Highway travel noise was heard but quicly forgotten as I was mesmerized by the sheer beauty of this refuge.

July 13, 2017

The Story of Bittobot

In 2007 I started drawing a tin robot character I named Bittobot.  He would correct folks who thought he was made of steel.  He was prone to rust so he'd stay away from swimming pools, ponds, rivers, lakes, creeks, oceans, and water fountains. He had a friend whose name was Fragile, a girl. In 2010 I wrote and drew a short story about Bittobot and his friends.  Senor Cotton Candy was his favorite companion.  A pink cotton candy who was very delicious but would announce he was not in order to ward off children who would be delighted to take him home and eat him.

July 11, 2017

Salishan at Gleneden Beach, Oregon

 The beaches in Oregon are truly dreamy.  No matter which area along the coast you drive you are certain to see picturesque scenes of vast sandy beaches.  I've never before seen beaches where the sandy shore travels so far out before you even touch water.  It's an incredible sight to see, and, it's cold.  After the beach walks we drove back to our hotel room, turned on the fireplace, and sat on a couch facing the sliding glass doors.  Although it was very cold outside, you have no choice but to open the doors and listen to waves crash against the whale cove rock formations.  We slept with the slider doors open all night and the fireplace going.  I think of that hotel room in Depoe Bay almost daily.

June 20, 2017

I garden more than I clean house

I can go without food and water while gardening.  Time passes too quickly.  Night falls and I remember I'm hungry and thirsty.

A trip to Oregon earlier this year was gift to the senses and the eyes.  The phrase "A sight for sore eyes" was certainly the case while driving to the coast from Portland.  Came across this home with a long driveway.  A craftsman style bungalow with inviting pines along the driveway.  To be a pine tree is to see above everything below you and breathe in everything above you. 

Emily Dickinson

In preparation for an Emily Dickinson themed printing class I read some of her poems and painted my version of her.  When I paint I generally put on the kettle and make a nice cup of tea.  Tea and coffee are such non-judgmental companions.  

I see light, texture, pattern, and flavor.

I garden to make the planet a more beautiful place...

even if I'm the only one who sees it.

February 12, 2017

Weekend of Hearts

From the Scottish Poem Library:
'Quietly, amid the rush-hour bustle,
I blush.
I smile just thinking of you.'

I like the days and weeks leading up to Valentine's Day because of all the creative and crafty hearts that begin to pop up and decorate shop windows, stationary stores, and garden nurseries.  It's difficult to avoid buying something with a heart on it or shaped like a heart.    I visited my sister n law Stella this week.  She always has her kitchen table prepared for her family or a guest and it's always decorated in the spirit of the season or holiday. I stopped at La Monarca Bakery in East Los Angeles, on Whittier Blvd.  They have a lovely selection of Mexican sweet breads (pan dulce).  Delicious and colorful.  Lastly, on Saturday morning my husband and I went to PDM in Newport Beach, Ca and had tea and the to die for cinnamon twist.  We got there at 7am and the twists were warm with a flaky crispness on the outside.  Simply divine.  

January 30, 2017

Little Red Backpack

 I made a friend through a friend (her mother).  Her name is Aja ("asia").  I was drawn to her before meeting her because her mother described her in a way that peaked my interest.  She's a "foodie", she likes the cold weather, she's traveled, she's adventurous, and she likes quirky things.  I'm none of the above except I like quirky things.  I travel, but I'm not a world traveler like Aja.  I'm too timid or chicken for that.  I like comfort zones.  This week I received a surprise gift package. Inside was a tiny red leather backpack and it had a tiny note inside from Aja.  She bought the backpack in Tokyo, Japan.  It's a keychain...said all the kids wear them. Aja made tiny paper origami stars which were loose in the package.  She also included a favorite book of hers titled "Lost in Translation", having nothing to do with the movie.  It has unusual words in different languages with sweet illustrations to match.  Lastly, Aja was so sweet to use the rubber stamps I gave her with Seattle images...well, she lives in Seattle.  This was one fun and happy mail day.

The Cat's Eye

This is a hair salon I walked by while in Ballard (Seattle) on 11/29/16.  So charming and cheerful.  The sun was actually out this day.  Old town Ballard.  There happened to be a wonderful children's toy store a few doors down, but over priced.