Weekend of Hearts

From the Scottish Poem Library:
'Quietly, amid the rush-hour bustle,
I blush.
I smile just thinking of you.'

I like the days and weeks leading up to Valentine's Day because of all the creative and crafty hearts that begin to pop up and decorate shop windows, stationary stores, and garden nurseries.  It's difficult to avoid buying something with a heart on it or shaped like a heart.    I visited my sister n law Stella this week.  She always has her kitchen table prepared for her family or a guest and it's always decorated in the spirit of the season or holiday. I stopped at La Monarca Bakery in East Los Angeles, on Whittier Blvd.  They have a lovely selection of Mexican sweet breads (pan dulce).  Delicious and colorful.  Lastly, on Saturday morning my husband and I went to PDM in Newport Beach, Ca and had tea and the to die for cinnamon twist.  We got there at 7am and the twists were warm with a flaky crispness on the outside.  Simply divine.  


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