Little Red Backpack

 I made a friend through a friend (her mother).  Her name is Aja ("asia").  I was drawn to her before meeting her because her mother described her in a way that peaked my interest.  She's a "foodie", she likes the cold weather, she's traveled, she's adventurous, and she likes quirky things.  I'm none of the above except I like quirky things.  I travel, but I'm not a world traveler like Aja.  I'm too timid or chicken for that.  I like comfort zones.  This week I received a surprise gift package. Inside was a tiny red leather backpack and it had a tiny note inside from Aja.  She bought the backpack in Tokyo, Japan.  It's a keychain...said all the kids wear them. Aja made tiny paper origami stars which were loose in the package.  She also included a favorite book of hers titled "Lost in Translation", having nothing to do with the movie.  It has unusual words in different languages with sweet illustrations to match.  Lastly, Aja was so sweet to use the rubber stamps I gave her with Seattle images...well, she lives in Seattle.  This was one fun and happy mail day.


  1. Hi! thank you for the lovely post Jax! I feel famous. I love the photo of the back of the backpack, it looks so crisp. Happy it has a new home. Love, Aja


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