September 17, 2016


A Golden-crowned Kinglet is a bird I've never seen before. Oh to have one land on my window sill and give me some sort of sign, even speak a word of magic.  Now that would be something to remember until my last breath.  Watercolor painting of my version of a Golden-crowned Kinglet.  Such royalty in the name.

A poem from a Scottich Poetry site:
Free as a Bird
With no roots
With no barrier

Free as a bird
I want to be

Despite the fears of freedom
Despite the vulnerability of the unattached
Despite the unfamiliarity of the unknown

Free as a bird
I want to be

Woven into the warmth of the evening wind
Swaying on the willow tree’s branches
Carried by the breath of the stars

Free as a bird
I want to be

From here to there
Never missed and never expected
Never recognized and never attached

Free as a bird
I want to be
Elizabeth Kaufman-Buchel

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