September 3, 2016

Collections Are Good For The Spirit

I collect many things, including greeting cards that move me, or have fabulous images of art. I collect artworks by KalleArte which is a husband and wife art duo. Their specialty is hand pulled screen prints or woodcut block prints. They are one of my favorite artists. Wholesomely beautiful human beings. Here I bought two of their prints and two cut out stickers also hand printed and hand cut to shape.  The print of the male Zapatista with a covered face represents "without ego...we are all the same", the moon and stars image represents "we are all a part of a bigger idea, our relationship with each other represents more than ourselves",  the blue dog sticker is KalleArtes interpretation of one of the 20 days of the Aztec calendar, and the red jaguar sticker represents the ocelot. In this photograph I also have a greeting card that depicts a sterling silver owl broach, just exquisite. I purchased it from my mother's Art boutique named Colibri Boutique is East Los Angeles.  It's a lovely gift and clothing shop. A very lovely space to be. The other two greeting cards are from a shop in South Pasadena on Mission Street.  I love the cat greeting card's sentiment. Lastly, you may notice the brown Kraft paper background...those are art stencils for use with my mixed media artworks. I just received a variety of 10 in the post. May your eyes be pleased. 

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