September 29, 2016


"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible". Dalai Lama

On occasion I faulter  .

September 18, 2016


Midnight on a train
Twelve forty seven a.m.
Lights are dim
Stars take a swim
In the darkness
And the glow 
Of the moon 
                       jaxiejax '16

September 17, 2016

Where the Secrets of Ravens Go

I have a mixed media drawing notebook with ecru colored paper.  I love ecru colored paper.  It's so forgiving and timeless.  In my dreams I look like my girl characters that I paint but most importantly is that I experience what they experience...being in the forest or tundras with birds and flowers and grasses.   (Watercolor)

Raven oh Raven
tell me your secret
trust in me 
I do no harm
share your spirit
walk in my path
hold my hand
I'll shall write your name
deep and bold 
on the sand.
                                           jaxiejax '16


A Golden-crowned Kinglet is a bird I've never seen before. Oh to have one land on my window sill and give me some sort of sign, even speak a word of magic.  Now that would be something to remember until my last breath.  Watercolor painting of my version of a Golden-crowned Kinglet.  Such royalty in the name.

A poem from a Scottich Poetry site:
Free as a Bird
With no roots
With no barrier

Free as a bird
I want to be

Despite the fears of freedom
Despite the vulnerability of the unattached
Despite the unfamiliarity of the unknown

Free as a bird
I want to be

Woven into the warmth of the evening wind
Swaying on the willow tree’s branches
Carried by the breath of the stars

Free as a bird
I want to be

From here to there
Never missed and never expected
Never recognized and never attached

Free as a bird
I want to be
Elizabeth Kaufman-Buchel

September 10, 2016

The Phoebe

I have an affinity for Black Phoebe's.  They are flycatchers.  Flycatchers have a wonderful crest seen at it's profile angle.  They have a sweet chirp and are pleasant to watch catching insects in mid-air.  They are in many parts of California and just about any park in their range.  I like to paint Black Phoebe's.  These photographs taken in yard or thereabouts.

Posman Books

A favorite bookstore of mine is Posman Books.  Unfortunately for a Californian like me they are located in New York City where I discovered them at Rockefeller Center and Chelsea Market.  There are only two.  It's a family operated business.  I find the best Christmas cards at Posman.  I wish they had an on-line shop.  Great bookstores are far and few inbetween.  Chronicle Books in San Francisco is another favorite bookstore.  I love bookstores that sell wonderful stationary, greeting cards, writing utensils and odds and ends.  This photo is from Chelsea Market 

September 4, 2016

Little Pots of Life

I have an attraction to planter pots with animal motif's.  They are fanciful and cheerful, just exactly what we need on this planet.  When I paint, I imagine fanciful things 'existing only in the imagination' imagination.  These pots are kin to my fanciful thoughts.

In Prisma

Prisma has an iPhone application with many filters to modify a photograph to look artistically done.  I used a photograph of my watercolor painting

His Quandary

Mr. B had surgery due to an abscess. He's miserable. He wants to know why he has this beyond irritating contraption around his neck. Each day he looks out the window wishing someone could be ever so kind and release him. If he could speak he'd compromise and tell me "I'm just going to walk around. Deal?"

September 3, 2016

Collections Are Good For The Spirit

I collect many things, including greeting cards that move me, or have fabulous images of art. I collect artworks by KalleArte which is a husband and wife art duo. Their specialty is hand pulled screen prints or woodcut block prints. They are one of my favorite artists. Wholesomely beautiful human beings. Here I bought two of their prints and two cut out stickers also hand printed and hand cut to shape.  The print of the male Zapatista with a covered face represents "without ego...we are all the same", the moon and stars image represents "we are all a part of a bigger idea, our relationship with each other represents more than ourselves",  the blue dog sticker is KalleArtes interpretation of one of the 20 days of the Aztec calendar, and the red jaguar sticker represents the ocelot. In this photograph I also have a greeting card that depicts a sterling silver owl broach, just exquisite. I purchased it from my mother's Art boutique named Colibri Boutique is East Los Angeles.  It's a lovely gift and clothing shop. A very lovely space to be. The other two greeting cards are from a shop in South Pasadena on Mission Street.  I love the cat greeting card's sentiment. Lastly, you may notice the brown Kraft paper background...those are art stencils for use with my mixed media artworks. I just received a variety of 10 in the post. May your eyes be pleased. 

September 2, 2016

I cannot help what happens when I put a brush to paper

A tiny collection of paint brushes and nib pens.  Only a fraction of what's inside the drawers.  Funny that I can't resists buying new paint brushes yet I fall back to my most favorite old brushes nearly every time.  It's an addiction to "oh the possibilities".