July 13, 2017

The Story of Bittobot

In 2007 I started drawing a tin robot character I named Bittobot.  He would correct folks who thought he was made of steel.  He was prone to rust so he'd stay away from swimming pools, ponds, rivers, lakes, creeks, oceans, and water fountains. He had a friend whose name was Fragile, a girl. In 2010 I wrote and drew a short story about Bittobot and his friends.  Senor Cotton Candy was his favorite companion.  A pink cotton candy who was very delicious but would announce he was not in order to ward off children who would be delighted to take him home and eat him.

July 11, 2017

Salishan at Gleneden Beach, Oregon

 The beaches in Oregon are truly dreamy.  No matter which area along the coast you drive you are certain to see picturesque scenes of vast sandy beaches.  I've never before seen beaches where the sandy shore travels so far out before you even touch water.  It's an incredible sight to see, and, it's cold.  After the beach walks we drove back to our hotel room, turned on the fireplace, and sat on a couch facing the sliding glass doors.  Although it was very cold outside, you have no choice but to open the doors and listen to waves crash against the whale cove rock formations.  We slept with the slider doors open all night and the fireplace going.  I think of that hotel room in Depoe Bay almost daily.