August 30, 2016

Not All Things Are Lost

Lately there has been so much loss of life of those I knew and did not know.  They leave behind little gifts that pop up when it's least expected.  They are found in a face on the street, a quote read on-line, a voice nearby, a rustle of leaves, a bird flying by.  How grand of them to do this for those of us who are left behind.  

August 20, 2016

The Sanctuary of Shallow Waters

This Black-necked Stilt was foraging the shallow water.  The day before this pond was dried out and the mud turned into a crackled floor.  This pond among many at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary is owned by  The Irvine Water District in Orange County, California.  Many Western Sandpipers were foraging through the dried out pond the day before I took this photograph.

August 15, 2016

The Flag Waver

My dear friend taught me to add cream to my tea. She lived in London for some time, having met the man she fell in love with there and married there. She now lives in California and teatime is a constant, served on a platter in a Tudor style home, with a wood beamed ceiling, wing backed chairs, art, and lots of books. Watercolor and color pencil.

Where the Cypress Learn To Grow

I've had a long standing fondness with Cypress trees, mainly the Swane's Golden Italian Cypress.  It's a beautiful lime and chartreuse colored Cypress that just seems so regal, standing tall and vibrant. Swane's  Golden Italian Cypress light up a landscape.  They give me a sense of satisfaction to my day.  Birds enjoy landing at the tip and balancing themselves as they sing.


Where a Pony Roams

Tiny and tall trees give shade to a pony who lives wild in the hills of California and Nevada.  The future of wild horses is kind of grim.  It's so tough being a wildlife animal these days.  Humans encroach on their natural territory more and more each year.  Wild horses are the champions of the earth and gallop with confidence on their terrain.  I'm ever thankful to those amazing souls who spend a fortune establishing sanctuaries for wild horses.  Long live the wild ponies.