July 17, 2016

Summer Pruning and Potting

A weekend hobby is planting, weeding, rearranging, and feeding birds.  Here, I bought new outdoor pots in a white soapstone-like resin from West Elm.  I had to cut back a Silver Drop Eucalyptus that was encroaching on my Japanese Maple.  The cuttings are spectacular for a vase.  My mother gave me this wonderful contemporary green pottery vase with royal blue flowers. It has an appearance of a vintage vase.  The gold metallic rustic pot is from Anthropologie.  Anytime I see an opportunity to pop into Anthropologie, I do so mainly for the housewares, including planting pots.  I shy away from goods made in China however, so I'm constantly checking the labels.

jaxiejax Postcard.

 Sometimes we lose track of time and need to catch up!