August 24, 2015

Take Me To Your Garden

Take me to your garden where I can learn to grow.  Where Cypress and Junipers reach high into the sky, and birds fly over without judgment or questions why.

August 23, 2015

Latino Heritage Month is September

These are 2 pages from last year's events catalogue published by the City of Los Angeles's Cultural Affairs Department. My two paintings dawned these pages. Each year artists get to submit their artworks for consideration. This year is my 4th time submitting artwork. I look forward to seeing if I made the cut for the forthcoming catalog for 2015.  The catalogue publishes events taking place in City of Los Angeles and the county. The artworks/photography used for the catalogue is for aesthetics and to feature Latino artists

August 20, 2015

Mr B This Morning

Mr B is our cat. He roams around outside whenever he wants. When he's ready to come in, he looks through the window. He will sleep inside for hours. 

August 7, 2015

Keepers of the Garden

Garden fixtures such as angels and the like give my garden the sense of guardianship.  

August 5, 2015

Stream of Sunlight

When I look at myself I see my mother and my sisters.  I strive to be as graceful as my mother but I fall short.  If I can be half of the goodness she is, I will have done alright in the end.

My Affair with Blue

 I'm drawn to hues of aquas and blues like a bird is drawn to seed.  The cool crispness of blue inks is so refreshing like a pool on a hot summer day.  Birds always find their place in my paintings.  It's only natural.

August 1, 2015

A Raven is smart enough to read my mind

I so love to draw/paint on "Hello" name-tag stickers.  Going out of the confines of the tag itself is my favorite violation with painting on name-tag stickers.