May 21, 2015

The Quail and the Rabbit

I painted a quail with waterolors and outlined the details with a Micro pen.  The pocket bunny goes along for the ride.

May 18, 2015

This is a leather Hippo by Zuni.

Zuni makes leather animal characters which are soft on the outside but fully stuffed with iron pallots for weight.  They are traditionally bookends but as you can see I use my Hippo character as a door stop.  This Hippo is named Budy. Very well made and each by hand. Zuni animals have names with name tags.  I also have a tiger.  I want the Lion which has a cute lion's main around it's neck.

May 16, 2015


I found this pouf years ago and love the sarape style pattern.  Aqua Blue and Red are a marriage to behold.

May 14, 2015

Bittobot and Señor Cotton Candy

Bittobot, the tiny steel robot, and Señor Cotton Candy are characters I created early in my freelance artist career.  Bittobot is a companion to many, balancing on the edge of someone else's expression. Señor Cotton Candy wears a mustache and his worried expression is due to the fear of being loved for how sweet he is.

My Owl Ring - It's Not Just A Fad

Owls are very popular to a point, in my opinion, a fad, however, because I'm a bird watcher, they will never be a fad in my lifetime.  Some people view small owls as "cute", and although they certainly appear cute, they are hardy, yet sensitive, majestic, yet vulnerable to the interest of humans who actually capture and display them for coffee and teatime admiration at cafes in Japan.  I feel for those owls who are subject to a chain around their ankle and forced to perch in daylight hours to amuse patrons at such places.  It's so very sad.  May we truly appreciate owls for the species they are really meant to be, and that is, free in the wild.

May 13, 2015

For the love of Frida!

This painting is actually from a paper doll I painted.  I then scanned and printed the painting.  I tore the edges around her then pasted it on a piece of cardboard.  Then I painted on the cardboard to make this mixed media collage.

For the love of birds

I made this label for selling second hand clothing a few years ago.  My slogan was "Every garment deserves a second chance!"

May 9, 2015


She taught me how to tie my shoe, to float, to draw, to save scrap paper for crafts, to make rice pudding, to iron tissue paper to use again, to use a dictionary, to sing, to love animals and nature, to use my imagination, to wear head scarves, to collect vintage things, and to love who I am.  Mama is now 83 years of age and living life to the fullest.  She is my life line.  She is a beautiful butterfly.

Rosey and Blue

Sometimes days are just like this.  What your first impression of her facial expression is what some days can be like!

May 4, 2015

Small greetings!

I used a rubber stamp for the to/from tag, then with acrylic ink I drew a little character, added a greeting, and painted on white hearts.  Very simple.  These cards are on recycled kraft paper card stock.