February 19, 2013

SeƱor Cotton Candy is one of my characters that I have not painted much in the last couple of years.  He was one of my first handful of characters when I started drawing.  He generally has a worried look on his cotton candy face because he's too delicious.  Being too sweet and delicious around children is dangerous for a cotton candy.  In this scene he has his eyes closed in hopes that he goes unnoticed and appears uneventful to staring eyes.

All creatures great and small need love and understanding.  The Deer Antelope loves the companionship of the girl in blue.

February 10, 2013

jaxiejax at the OC Mix in Costa Mesa, California

I had the pleasure of showcasing my small original illustrations and paintings along with my annual Valentine's Mini Zine's for February 2013.  I enjoyed working along side other women artists, crafters and vendors.  The event was the brain child of Stephanie from Smocking Birds at the OC Mix.