December 20, 2012

I'm a collector of many things, especially figures of wildlife.  A pottery fox by Jonthan Adler and mercury glass owls from add whimsy to a collection of whites and silvers.  Adding the snow-flocked church with trees creates my minimalist Christmas decor on a white lacquered credenza by

I sent a packet of jaxiejax vinyl stickers to a family in Roseville, California.
This photo taken by them was shared with me.  I dig when folks get a kick out of my character illustrations.

I collect Santa's.  Each year the collection increases.  I particularly look for stacking doll type or candles that are reproductions of the vintage candles.  I love this season for decorating and the "home" atmosphere it creates.
I gravitate to aqua blue hues and reds like a bee to honey.  It makes me jolly like Christmas time does.