June 20, 2017

I garden more than I clean house

I can go without food and water while gardening.  Time passes too quickly.  Night falls and I remember I'm hungry and thirsty.

A trip to Oregon earlier this year was gift to the senses and the eyes.  The phrase "A sight for sore eyes" was certainly the case while driving to the coast from Portland.  Came across this home with a long driveway.  A craftsman style bungalow with inviting pines along the driveway.  To be a pine tree is to see above everything below you and breathe in everything above you. 

Emily Dickinson

In preparation for an Emily Dickinson themed printing class I read some of her poems and painted my version of her.  When I paint I generally put on the kettle and make a nice cup of tea.  Tea and coffee are such non-judgmental companions.  

I see light, texture, pattern, and flavor.

I garden to make the planet a more beautiful place...

even if I'm the only one who sees it.